Your Child is a Full Time Explorer Now

At this stage, your kid is experiencing a whole new level of exploration! From walking to talking, a child uses new ways to explore the world. This happens in multiple ways, from touching, looking, listening, and at times manipulating. But this is a crucial part of your child's development as exploring makes him become more familiar with his surroundings and the world.

Exploring language

Your Child is a Full Time Explorer Now

His grasp on language too is increasing day by day now. Kids at this stage have mental images for things and concepts while having the ability to perform though trial and error. These are some of the cognitive skills that your child develops during this period.

Play, talk, and sing

You can nurture their cognitive development further with simple activities. For example, you can read to them for 20 minutes every day, or talk to them, listen to some music, or even recite rhymes.

You can begin to teach them about shapes, colors, and numbers, like ‘we have one yellow banana left’ or ‘let’s look for your red t-shirt!’ Meanwhile, teach them about different body parts- ears, nose, cheeks, eyes, etc. You can also play make-believe games or role-plays, which can help your child develop important social skills.

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