Your Child Is All Fit For Regular Diet

Your Child Is All Fit For Regular Diet
Eating Habit

At this age, your child is capable of following a regular diet with the rest of your family. Introduce him to a variety of foods one at a time and help him get used to different tastes. One week is usually sufficient to determine whether a certain food item suits your child. If he shows signs of indigestion or intolerance, stop it for a while and then try again. Do not omit a certain item of food entirely just because your toddler doesn't like it, unless you are certain that he is allergic to it.

Set mealtimes for your kid

It is important to develop an eating schedule for your little one. Do not encourage snacking in between meals and give him water instead. When it’s time to eat, sit down at the table even if your toddler is deeply engrossed in play. Announce firmly that it's lunch time and he can play later.

Maintain a regular place for meals- Do not stress yourself out while feeding your child by wandering all over the place with his food. Instead, sit down in the assigned place, preferably the dining table, and tell him a story as you feed him.

It might take a bit long for you to make your kid accustomed to the regular diet, but in the end, it will be worthwhile.