Your Child is All Fit to Learn Some Basic Hygiene Now

Your little one can sometimes be remarkably filthy, eating with those soiled hands, wiping down that chocolate on the bedsheet or running around the house with their dried nosey sticking out! Fortunately, this is also the time when you can teach them more about healthy hygiene routines. Of course, they won’t suddenly become the queens or kings of hygiene, but these simple hygiene tips will go a long way.Your Child is All Fit to Learn Some Basic Hygiene Now

What you need to know
Teaching through demonstration is the best. Firstly, you might want to teach your child the importance of hand-washing. So, don’t feed them food on your own if they are hungry, just because you want to save some time. This will make your child think that it’s okay to eat food without washing hands. Don’t let them develop this habit.

Teach them how to take some soap and lather up or wash. Make sure that you supervise them or else that bottle of hand-wash might go empty! Secondly, know that while your child will not learn to scrub themselves and bathe on their own for a few more years, you can and should teach them the importance of bathing. How can you do that?

Through role-play, like letting them wash a doll’s hair by imitating you. Similarly, teach them coughing and sneezing etiquette. For example, you can fake a sneeze and use a tissue, while telling them the importance of doing so. This will lead to him understanding the basics of hygiene and adapt to it pronto.

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