Your Child is All Ready to Become a Playing Buddy

Your Child is All Ready to Become a Playing Buddy

By now, your child may be interested in sharing their play space with a peer, but don't expect your child to actually share their playthings in a combined activity just yet. They are fully set to become a playing buddy in games, but some other developments will only happen with time.

What you need to know

Some kids this age play briefly together, but it’s more typical to see your child playing side-by-side. Children this age often enjoy watching each other play and may even imitate one another. They continue to be very clear about what they want, but they are starting to understand that sometimes they need to put other’s needs ahead of their own.

Learning gender differences
At almost 2, many children become attuned to gender differences. A boy will start imitating adult male behavior, and girls will imitate the women in their lives. You may notice how your child tries to imitate their dad’s walk or wants to wear a baseball cap. Children don't always imitate the same-sex role model, and that’s normal, too. At this age they are merely experimenting and figuring out which identity feels most comfortable. You must know that certain behaviors are considered typical for kids this age, such as being enthusiastic about playing with other children, being increasingly independent, etc.