Your Child is All Set to Play Independently

Your Child is All Set to Play Independently
Cognitive Development

At this age, your child is fully capable of playing independently, on their own. Although initially, your child will always seek for your company even when he has his favorite toys, gradually he will begin to learn to be independent during playtime.

Training your child to play independently not only helps in building his creativity but a host of other skills, such as decision making. With a parent around, the child is guided to do things around and this stops his individual creative thinking process.

Helping your child play solo:

1. Never enforce your child in a harsh way to play alone. Start the process slowly and make sure your child feels comfortable and secure.

2. Sit next to your child till he starts playing and be a passive spectator.

3. Once your child is engrossed in his play, slowly move to the next room or at a distance where you can see him. Never expect your little one to start playing by himself with a day’s effort and at the same time never give up the process too. It takes a while for your little one to get accustomed to play on his own and also depends on his age and maturity.

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