Your Child is Becoming More Adaptive Now

Your Child is Becoming More Adaptive Now
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

At this age, when your baby starts walking, they develop a dynamic combination of skills -- capacities that are similar to that of a gymnast; after all, they learn hip stability, trunk control, adequate balance, leg strength, confidence as well as ability to plan and carry out the walking action. So, it is important that you teach your child to be more adaptive. After all, walking will help them be closer to their environment.

Play games to improve walking- You can get an exercise or bouncy ball, hold your baby’s hips and place them on the ball. Never let go, but gently roll the ball forward and backward. This will help them use their core for stabilizing and teach them how to walk straighter or better.

Similarly, you can play games like ‘pass the balloon,’ where your child has to hold or catch the balloon and pass it to you. Your baby will stand, walk, and maybe even run. This is a great way of boosting your kiddo's physical agility.