Your Child Is Growing Up Rapidly And Also Testing Your Patience

Your Child Is Growing Up Rapidly And Also Testing Your Patience
Verbal language

At this stage, your child often does things, which may irk you. For instance, the clutter and noise that kids this age make, irritate the parents readily. However, what might look irritating to us can be a totally different thing to the wee ones! 

Wear your toddler’s shoes to understand him

If you notice your toddler pulling things apart or showing signs of impatience, it simply means that his curious brain is working and he wants something done immediately. Since he lacks the cognitive ability to concentrate, show him control and patience to listen or agree.

Your child seeking attention at this stage is very natural

Your child will demand a lot of attention from you and throw tantrums when he doesn’t get it. Reassure him with lots of hugs and kisses that you are around.

Unlike adults who can shut their eyes and ears when not needed, toddlers are receptive to every word spoken. Therefore, ensure your toddler gets to listen to good, knowledgeable stuff and avoid fighting before him; this can damage his language skills and communicative behavior. 

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