Your Child is Likely to be a Picky Eater Already at This Stage

Your Child is Likely to be a Picky Eater Already at This Stage
Eating Habit

‘No! I don’t want that!’ (Throws food from the table). ‘No! I am not hungry!’ (Spits food from the mouth).

Your almost 2-year old can be quite a picky eater! Your toddler can be all charming and an entertaining, jovial kid, but when he sits at the table for meals, he can become dreadful! Children's peculiar food habits at this stage can become a source of exasperation, especially when you are trying so hard to feed them a normal, balanced diet. So, what should you do when your child becomes a picky eater?

What you need to do
Firstly, you should realize that you are not a rare species of parent dealing with this! Most parents deal with picky eaters. But you have to understand the source of this problem. For example, kids may dislike certain foods or may suddenly have a dislike for their favorite foods because they are teething or feeling unwell or just don’t have any hunger. So, adding variety to meals can help. Also, kids tend to be picky towards unfamiliar food. Ideally you should serve them a tablespoon of the unfamiliar food before giving it to them at dinner.

This is a tough thing to deal with but eventually your little one will follow you, as this is a part of his growing up process.