Your Child Is Likely To Pull Colorful Rings Out Of The Peg

Your Child Is Likely To Pull Colorful Rings Out Of The Peg
Eye-Hand movement

At this age your baby will begin to develop basic hand-eye coordination so that he can pick up and hold things securely in his hands. Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important parts of the learning process him. 

What you need to know:

Toys play an important role for your baby's development since it helps him improve his eye hand coordination and are also fun to play with. You need to give him toys that are designed to explore opportunities and that can be handle easily.  

Stacking a toy set is a good option for your baby of this age and it does not cause any kind of harm to him. When he makes an effort to grab those big and small rings, ask him to arrange which one is bigger and which one is smaller and also name the different colors to him. This will help him identify colors and shape. The best part about stacking toy is that your little one won't even notice that he is learning as he "plays". You can also spin the rings and ask him to do the same; he will have fun playing around with those rings and will also enhance his fine motor skills.

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