Your Child Is Likely To Show A Hand Preference By Now

Your Child Is Likely To Show A Hand Preference By Now
Motor development

Hand dominance is an inborn feature hence it should not be corrected or forced. Normally left-handed or right handedness is influenced by genetics and your child's unique nervous system. If both the parents are left-handed, the chances are high the baby is also left-handed. Whatever is the case, it is better not to force and change your child's hand preference since it will affect it in the long run. Forcing to change it will make your child become uncomfortable and confused. Your child will prefer to use one hand more than the other. You can notice these small things as your child grows to understand it better.

1. Observe how your child plays with his toys, how he reaches and holds the toy for getting a comfortable grip of the toy. While playing with the ball, see which hand your child uses to catch or throw the ball to you. While stacking up blocks, see how he reaches to make the tower or objects.

2. When you feed him finger food or while eating see how your child holds the spoon or fork. Or when you offer him chocolate see which hand is he trying to pick it up with.

3. In case you notice your child is left-handed, act normal, don’t differentiate or pin point making it seem odd. Like while having food on the dining table have him seated in such a seat where he won't bump his hands with his neighbor and create a fuss