Your Child is Mastering his Speech Skills Now

At this age your child understands his name, basic commands, names of familiar objects, understands daily routines, eats a range of food, tries to drink from a cup, and attempts some real words as though he is speaking your language.

Language development
Most babies will have a burst of language development before they turn two and begin to join words together by two and a half years. A child who is one to two years old is able to: Your Child is Mastering his Speech Skills Now

1. Identify pictures in a book when it is named- e.g. ‘Show me a duck’, Where’s teddy?’

2. Identify and point to a few body parts e.g. where are your eyes?’

3. Follow simple instructions e.g. ‘give daddy the ball’; ‘Sit down’.

Teach your little one to wait and listen when you are talking and then reply. This is the beginning of turn-taking in conversations.

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