Your Child is Mastering his Speech Skills Now

Your Child is Mastering his Speech Skills Now
Verbal language

At this age your child understands his name, basic commands, names of familiar objects, understands daily routines, eats a range of food, tries to drink from a cup, and attempts some real words as though he is speaking your language.

Language development
Most babies will have a burst of language development before they turn two and begin to join words together by two and a half years. A child who is one to two years old is able to: 

1. Identify pictures in a book when it is named- e.g. ‘Show me a duck’, Where’s teddy?’

2. Identify and point to a few body parts e.g. where are your eyes?’

3. Follow simple instructions e.g. ‘give daddy the ball’; ‘Sit down’.

Teach your little one to wait and listen when you are talking and then reply. This is the beginning of turn-taking in conversations.