Your Child is Maturing Incessantly Now-- Time to Instil Good Behaviour

At this age, your child's maturity is increasing day by day. It is a dream for every parent to see their child behaving the best. But this takes loads of efforts and sometimes a long time too. Children as they mature are able to understand situations better and are in turn able to behave appropriately. But it is a good idea for every parent to take the steps right from the time when your child is young. Your Child is Maturing Incessantly Now-- Time to Instil Good Behaviour

What you need to know

1. Parents are the first role models for any child. Your child will simply mimic you and behave just the way you do. They get the cues from you and apply them exactly. Therefore, it is important to not your bad behavior come out when your child is around. For example, you might be short tempered or aggressive and might lose your cool in the public. It is these set of actions that your child watches and thinks it is the right way of behaving. When you become a parent your child is your first student.

2. Let your child know how their behavior is upsetting and what they need to learn. They will begin empathizing with you gradually.

3. Always leave a positive feedback when your child behaves well. Positive comments help your child to also get a direction and make them do similar positive actions.

This is a crucial stage of your child's development and hence, how you participate in this too plays a significant role.


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