Your Child is Now Able To Say The Three Magic Words- Please, Thank you and Sorry!

Your child is slowly developing a smart personality with all his senses getting more active each day. Every parent wishes their child to grow into a kind and humble human being. To achieve this, you as a parent must start training your child to develop certain positive manners.

What you need to know
Once your little one has learnt to converse you must start teaching him about the exact use of Please, Thank you and Sorry. Practical demonstration is very important which would help the child observe and learn. Ask the child to use ‘Please’ if he wants to have something. It’ll take some time for the child to understand but be patient in your approach. The next step is to teach the child the use of ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry.’ 

Practising with family
You can practice it by involving all the family members and using these three words in your daily dealings. This is very important for the kid as these three words would make him learn to be kind once he enters school and socialises with people of his age.Your Child is Now Able To Say The Three Magic Words- Please, Thank you and Sorry!

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