Your Child is Now Capable of Going Bilingual

Your Child is Now Capable of Going Bilingual
Verbal language

Your child is super talented already and with each day passing, his strengths are on an uprise. He is not all capable of learning two languages, hence going bilingual.

What you need to know
Children can learn to be bilingual. They can learn two languages at home, at school, or in the community. Some children learn both languages very well. But sometimes they know one language better than the other. The language a child knows better is called the dominant language. Over time the dominant language may change, especially if a child doesn't use it regularly.

Practicing regularly is a must
Speaking two languages is like any other skill. To do it well, children need lots of practice. Without practice, it may be difficult for children to understand or talk to people in both languages. Children all over the world learn more than one language without developing speech or language problems. Bilingual children develop language skills just as other children do. Every bilingual child is unique. Developing skills in two languages depends on the quality and amount of experience the child has using both languages.

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