Your Child is Now Ready for Some Sports

Your Child is Now Ready for Some Sports
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

At this developmental age, kids generally don’t have an appreciation for the benefits of building a skill, nor do they associate any benefits with being good at something. They are hard wired to learn through play.

What you need to know
As most of you know full well, kids will expend a tremendous amount of energy to play but picking up their toys is a terrible exertion. You must understand the nature of kids and should create a curriculum that utilizes their motivations to develop athletic skills and fitness through a series of fun but beneficial games. But don’t tell the kids that you are secretly developing your child.

Super-concentration mode
Sports classes for your child will succeed in building athletic skills by getting the kids into what we call the super-concentration mode. The super-concentration mode is where the kids are trying their hardest to achieve some objective where their brain and muscles are working together to learn and create muscle memory. That is where the skill development happens the fastest. The challenge is tapping into their motivation to get the child into this ultra skill building mode.

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