Your Child is Now Ready for Some Writing Lessons

By now, your child's grip on fingers and hands are improving. Much of early writing literacy is the development of fine abilities in the fingers and hands. Playing while exercising skills engages hand-eye coordination as well. In a nutshell, your little one is now ready for some basic writing lessons.

What you need to know
Think about using tools like washable chunky crayons, markers, scissors, tweezers, tongs, chalk, paintbrushes, etc. Even tearing paper will strengthen those small muscles in your child's hands. These skills can also be developed using blocks, play dough, finger paint, squeeze balls, etc. If you are concerned about safety, use water instead of paint or markers.

Hand skills to grasp tools
While babies of any age can experiment with writing skill activities, it is at this age that children have developed the hand skills required to grasp and control writing tools with enough coordination not make intentional marks on paper. Provide your child with washable, chunky tools and welcome his scribbles. Make writing social and talk to your baby about the process, such as “Tell me about what you made,” or, “I see you are carefully choosing your colors.” Be sure to respond to your child’s intent, regardless of the final form. For example, if your child says the random marks are a letter, “read” it with your child. This will give your child encouragement in writing skills.Your Child is Now Ready for Some Writing Lessons

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