Your Child is Now Ready to Adapt to the Right Values That You Preach

Your Child is Now Ready to Adapt to the Right Values That You Preach
Emotional Development

Your child now is able to quickly pick things up, as they come his way. They will copy almost anything they see, the good and the not so good. This is a stage that you can draw a positive outcome from since if you preach positive values to your child, he will adopt them pronto.

What you need to know
Healthy habits can often be passed down by mere imitation. However teaching children the language of values and creating games around character building themes can help establish these character traits into every day work and play even more. As children associate the names of virtues, for example, kindness or responsibility with behavior they are encouraged to exhibit, they will understand how to incorporate these positive traits into their actions in the future.

Age appropriate activities
Keep in mind that a two year old cannot do many organized activities without great deal of explanation and help, and that simple activities can be extended or tailored for an older child to engage their skills and interests. Depending on their age, your child will probably begin to grasp what the virtues mean after a few months of focusing on these topics. They can easily participate when we talk about things we are grateful for, and know what it means to be generous or forgiving.

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