Your Child is Now Super Agile and There's a Risky Aspect to it as Well

At this age, your child is usually able to express whenever he is distressed. But at times foreign objects can get lodged in kids' nose, throat, or ear and the only way they can communicate is through crying. Marbles, coins, pins, nut shells, popcorn, etc, are common choking and inhalation hazards. Watch out for these symptoms and act before it's too late.Your Child is Now Super Agile and There's a Risky Aspect to it as Well

Symptoms which need immediate attention

Nose- Foul odour, bleeding, scrathes, foul discharge from a single nostril, severe pain, problems breathing, and an internal itch.

Ear- Reduced hearing, redness outside the ear, discharge from the ear, headache, dizziness, and nausea.

Eye- Red, watery, and painful.

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