Your Child is Talking More Frequently Now

Your Child is Talking More Frequently Now
Verbal language

Can you believe your little one is growing up so fast? Remember the first time your child uttered a word? They must have been somewhere around 8-12 months old. But even after saying their first word, a child might not speak a sentence or talk more till they are 15 months old. Talking helps a child interact and adapt to their environment. That’s why your little one should be encouraged to talk. 

Talk and read to them There are many specific things that can motivate your child to talk more and adapt better. For instance, two-way communication can help. Don’t wait till your child is 15 months old to talk to them, instead speak with them throughout their infancy and after.

Use non-verbal gestures as well. Use authentic and first person voice instead of trying to sound all cute. By the time they are a year old, make sure that you read them books and tell them interactive stories. Don’t correct them too much.

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