Your Child May Accidentally Be Learning to Utter Some Unacceptable Words

Your child is learning a list of new things at a fast pace and at times your innocent kid may use words disrespectfully without realizing its meaning. Initially this appears hilarious but then it translates into a different message for your toddler – that people enjoy it when he utters such expressions. Soon he will start repeating this whenever he wants to make you laugh, and the habit sticks.Your Child May Accidentally Be Learning to Utter Some Unacceptable Words

To prevent embarrassment later, it is important to correct your child gently the first time he uses unacceptable language. Express what you want lovingly but firmly, ensuring you get your message through to him, and that he follows your instructions.

Talking with politeness This is an art which will win your child praise wherever he goes. Teach him to use the three magic words – ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you,’ by using them yourself whenever the opportunity arises. Wish him good morning and teach him to reciprocate.

Remember, your child’s speech habits are much pliable now than later, so strike when the iron is hot.

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