Your Child May Be Prone to Obesity Now- What Should Be Your Call?

Your Child May Be Prone to Obesity Now- What Should Be Your Call?
1y to 2y
Eating Habit

By this stage, many kids are getting prone to obesity. Small children are increasingly becoming susceptible to this problem. It is quite an alarming fact that even babies are also vulnerable to obesity. As a result, parents who have already obesity running in their genes are a worried lot and always worked up about the fact that how much fat in a toddler's diet is good enough.

What you need to know

1. If you are wondering if you could put your child’s health at risk by giving those fats, it is bad news and you are thinking the opposite. Food containing fat is absolutely necessary in the diet of a growing child.

2. Your child in their first 2 years of growth require fat in their diet for the proper functioning and development of their brain which is extremely necessary and crucial.

3. In addition, fats also help in absorbing the vitamins entering your child’s diet. It promotes inflammation or healing of wounds if any and is important for tissue development.

However, as you know excess of anything is bad, so if you have a family history of obesity, have a balance in the diet and check on the fat you are providing your child. This will make sure that your child just gets what is necessary and doesn't go over board with fatty foods.

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