Your Child May Be Prone to Tooth Decay

Your Child May Be Prone to Tooth Decay
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While your child's growth is happening at a rapid pace and that's a perfectly good sign, there are also issues that can show up unceremoniously. Tooth decay is one of them. Tooth decay is not good news for your toddler and it can cause a lot of discomfort, botheration and pain.

What you need to know

Since toddlers find it difficult to manage tooth decay, it greatly affects what they eat, disturbs their sleep, and they find it difficult to speak too. A tooth starts to decay when the bacteria inside the mouth causes a sticky layer on the surface of the tooth. When your child eats food like chocolates and other food they feed on it creating cavities. When these get infected they start becoming painful.

Signs of tooth decay and prevention

Though tooth decay is very difficult to detect, once you find these symptoms take your child to the dentist immediately:

1. If you see a white band which is dull near the base of the teeth or gums.

2. Presence of brown spots on teeth.

3. Swollen, red gums are all signs of decay. Prevention is better than cure. It is best to brush your child’s teeth twice every day.

Also, eating a balanced and healthy diet is highly recommended. In addition, a nutritious diet and frequent dental check-ups should be maintained. Always remember not to fret when you see any of these symptoms, since these are all a part of your child's growing up process. All you need to do is keep a check and tend to the issue immediately.