Your Child May Be Quite Shy and Clingy at This Stage-- Know What to do

Even at this age, your kid can be quite shy and may not leave your side to socialize with others. While it is true that anybody can be an introvert, it is important that you as a parent try to help your child socialize to promote his emotional development. This can be quite challenging, but there are some things you can do to promote a healthy, emotional behavior in your little cute-heart!

What you need to do

Your Child May Be Quite Shy and Clingy at This Stage-- Know What to do

Firstly you have to observe carefully. Is your child scared of new social situations? Or do they find themselves a little more talkative once they know others? Well, if they are scared throughout the social conversation, it might be because of the change in routine. So, you should prepare your child for the same, by telling them how you are going to meet new people. Understand their temperament and help them introduce themselves. Let them watch for a while so that they can familiarize themselves with the situation.

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