Your Child May Face Boredom Quite Often Now

Your Child May Face Boredom Quite Often Now
Verbal language

This is the stage when your little one is emotionally developing and may face boredom quite often. You may think that he is happily playing with his new toy and suddenly after a while see it being thrown to one corner of the house. This psychological behaviour seen in kids (and some babies) is called boredom. It is a state when an individual is left with nothing to be done or is disinterested in what he is doing or is feeling lonely and disconnected with his surrounding. Although this is most common in kids above 3 years old, the nuances of it can still be seen in kids below the age of 3.

What you need to know

When you see that spark or shine missing in your kid’s face, your attempt to fix their boredom by luring them with fancy toys or any other activity or friends will not do any good. It will only add to their frustration. This is the time when they need your attention and comforting.


Try connecting with your child. Lend them your ears, so that they can vent out their distress or frustration. Do not try to fix anything. There is nothing much to fix. It's just your presence and warmth that is needed. Listen to whatever your child can tell you about how awful he/she is, to be bored. Listening opens up communication channels. Try not to worry and follow these tips. This will help your child come out of boredom soon.