Your Child Needs Encouragement and Praises Now to Grow Emotionally

At this stage. your child feels loved and contented when he is encouraged. So, praise and encourage your child as much as possible so that they develop a positive attitude everything right from an young age. Unless the surroundings are different, a good amount of encouragement and praise helps the child to have a positive frame of mind. This largely helps in their emotional maturity, building self esteem and confidence. Your Child Needs Encouragement and Praises Now to Grow Emotionally

What you need to know

1. It is good to praise your kid when they have behaved well as it helps them feel good about themselves. This could be when your child has been kind to someone in helping them or has just shared their favorite toy. When you praise your child for good behavior they tend to behave the same way and slowly this forms a habit.

2. When you want your child to put in effort, it helps them to try harder and succeed. For example, if you feel that your little one is excelling in a particular sport or extra- curricular activity and you want them to be successful in it, words of encouragement is essential for them to keep moving ahead.

This also helps them to improve their confidence.

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