Your Child Now Recognises Herself

By now, your child recognizes that the child in the mirror is herself. She is able to open and close the cap of a pen. She is learning how to unlatch a door. She can do several things by imitation and many others by logical reasoning and self-discovery.

Be creative and occupy her well. A simple set of different-sized tumblers or bowls, which fit into the one another will keep her engrossed for hours. Give her a variety of activities. Once she masters one skill, give her a slight variant that will challenge her to think and work. Do not make it too difficult lest she loses interest totally.

Your Child Now Recognises Herself

What you need to do

Pique her interest. Divide your child’s toys into two or three groups. Keep one set out for play and put the others away. When your child is tired of the set she is using, put it away and bring a different set down. In this way you can keep her engaged in her playthings and at the same time save money too. Use utensils and unused items at home to invent games and challenges for your child.

Buying playthings

Whenever you see a new or intriguing toy, it is natural to want to purchase it for your toddler. Resist this tendency from the very onset. If this becomes a habit, you will never be able to satisfy your toddler when she is older. Neither will she be happy with what she already has. Buy toys only for special occasions or when she has achieved a particular milestone. Even on such occasions, teach her to patiently wait to get what she wants.

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