Your Child Now Understands Information- Let it Act as a Memory Boost

Your Child Now Understands Information- Let it Act as a Memory Boost

Your child at this stage tries accepting and processing information, and that goes through his brain filters and gets stored as memory. Use your child’s interests to connect your child to the material. This aspect serves as a big memory booster to strengthen his memory skills.

What you need to know
Make stories together using the information. Stories are great ways to remember new things because your child’s brain grew up hearing stories and the pattern for remembering stories is strong in their brain. The brain keeps information in the short-term memory for less than a minute unless it connects with prior knowledge. Activate your child’s prior knowledge by reminding your child of things you've done as a family or that they learned in other subjects that relates to the new information.

Build permanent memories
Once the information gets to the higher thinking brain your child must do something with it to build permanent memories. Your child can write summaries of new information in their own words. To make these even more personally meaningful, the summaries can be in forms that suit their learning style preferences including sketches, skits, songs, dances, comic strips, or drawings. Your children’s brains will build multiple pathways leading to the stored memory, which makes retrieval more efficient.

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