Your Child Now Understands The Concept Of Short-Term Separations

It is common for children at this stage to experience some amount of separation anxiety. Ideally, this is also the time they recognize the outside world and are able to differentiate strangers from family. They cling to their mothers to obtain a sense of security. All these are part of normal development that every child experiences.  

What if this turns out to be a disorder or a situation that goes out of hand? Watch out for the following symptoms as they will help in identifying if this is a normal or abnormal way for your child to react.

Your Child Now Understands The Concept Of Short-Term Separations

Disorderly signs include:

1. If your child hates the thought of separating from you.

2. Cries aloud and throws a tantrum when you are not around.

3. When your child hates and does not like going to play-school or park.

4. Refuses to mingle with other family members.

5. Complains about being sick when separated from you.

6. Child is unable to concentrate on day-today activities.

Please remember that this condition is totally normal in kids of this age and can be dealt with proper care and time.

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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