Your Child's Behavioural Patterns are Getting Better Now

Your Child's Behavioural Patterns are Getting Better Now

At this stage, your kid's behavioural patterns are drastically changing and every day that passes, contributes to his personality, his growth, as well as his development. In this context, discipline is a pivotal factor, which shapes your kid's personality radically, and so is sometimes quite hard to attain as well.

What you are likely to experience as a parent

Did your 18 month old spill water all over the place? Does your 2 year old use lipstick on the walls despite being asked not to do so? Well, no matter how cute they are, kids can actually be quite tricky when it comes to learning discipline and making it a part of their daily behaviour.

What you need to do

You can get angry! But that’s not how you should be dealing with a child that has discipline issues. What you need is a game plan- a discipline trick that will ensure that your child’s misbehavior is responded to.

1. Take action within 60 seconds of indiscipline occurring

2. First 10 seconds: Act quickly, like taking away the lipstick or separate the fighting siblings.

3. Next 10 seconds: Ensure that you remain calm, take care of yourself first instead of getting angry.

4. From 20th second on: Assess the situation and see what really happened. Which child hit the other first? Or, is the couch or wall ruined without redemption?

5. 40th second on: Talk to your child, or put them in timeout.

6. 50th second: Figure out the consequences.

7. Last 10 seconds: Enforce the consequences, like your child’s favorite toy being taken away.