Your Child's Character Development Has Started Already

Your Child's Character Development Has Started Already

Your little buddy is fast growing and so are his behavioral patterns. His character development has already started and now is the stage where you can contribute the maximum to shape his overall personality. You are the key model who creates positive home learning environments. You know that communicating about academics and homework is important.

Building character strengths
We understand that family values get passed on from one generation to the next. But how we instill values and character strengths in your child often seems mysterious. Is it through discipline, living our own values, treating your child with respect, or a combination of the many ways you interact with your children? Children are losing hope, giving up on life, and feeling insecure about themselves at alarmingly young ages. You can help reverse this trend by building character strengths in children.

Role Models in books and movies
As children learn to become aware of their own character strengths, they also learn to identify character strengths in others. And when they do, they eventually develop role models who inspire them. One way to teach kids to recognize strengths in others is through books and movies, where they are well exemplified. Whether geared towards very young children or adolescents, there is rich opportunity to talk about character strengths as a teacher and children reflect on movies and books together. Even cartoon characters exemplify character strengths!