Your Child's Communication and Literacy are Evolving Already

As your child's awareness of his surroundings are growing massively, his communication and literacy skills too are perking up. Since a major chunk of it depends on what you communicate to your child on a daily basis, it is essential that you know how and what you need to convey to your little baby to boost his communication skills.Your Child's Communication and Literacy are Evolving Already

What you need to communicate

1. Using baby language to communicate is interesting for your little ones and they find it easy to connect to you with this simplified parentese.

2. Singing is a good way to keep your toddler’s brain active and growing. Encourage them to sing along and give them ideas to pen their own lyrics.

3. Give a commentary of whatever is happening around in your daily life and about everyday activities like laying the table, folding clothes, etc.

4. Make shopping a pleasant and educative experience by helping your kid to learn about new stuff lined on the shelves. Easy stuff like jam, paste, vegetables, and fruits can be shown to your kid.

This is an amazing process of interacting with your kid that gives you time to bond and also contributes to his development.





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