Your Child's Creative Mind is Flourishing

Your Child's Creative Mind is Flourishing

The day your 2 year old child grabs the cookie jar from the shelf using a 3-legged stool, you might feel proud of his creative abilities. This is the age when the brain advances. At this time, it is important for you to spend time with the child to hone these abilities.

What you need to know

‘How to initiate?’

This is a common question as most parents can’t figure out the proper way to test the brain of their child. There are several practical activities that can help in this task. The use of building blocks is the most basic step. Sit with your child and build different structures so that they can observe and learn.

Let the child use their brain to make a structure of their choice. The other way is to make the child recognise different colours. Use different coloured playing items or charts that can serve as a perfect device to teach the child. Pick up an item of a specific colour and hand it to the child while pronouncing the name of that colour. This is a very effective way to enhance the brain’s ability of a child.