Your Child's Creativity is Budding Now

Your Child's Creativity is Budding Now
Emotional Development
Sensory ability

Your child at this stage is a natural innovator with powerful imaginations, and creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits. The creative instincts in him are budding now and this is a very important element in his development. 

What you need to know
You may find that imagination helps your child cope better with pain. Creativity also helps your child be more confident, develop social skills, and learn better. Carving out a space where your child can be creative is important, but this doesn’t mean having a fancy playroom. It could be a tiny corner with a sack of Legos or a box of your old clothes for playing dress-up. Just like you don’t need to create an elaborate play area, you don’t need the latest and greatest toys either.
Instead of following instructions, the kids let the wheels of their imagination spin and build what they want.

Unstructured time is important
It’s also important to give your child unstructured time. Spend a few hours at home without activities scheduled, so your child can just putter around and play. Expose your kids to the world so they can use all of their senses. Again, this doesn’t mean costly or complicated trips. Take them to the library, museum and outdoors. Ask your child to imagine what traveling to faraway places, such as the African safari, might be like, what animals would they encounter? What would the safari look like? What would it smell like? What noises would the animals make? etc.

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