Your Child's Development is Boosted in Multitudes Through Rhymes

Your child is having a better grip on his language skills with every day that passes. Other than what you verbally communicate to your child and what she hears from others, rhymes have a great role to play in shaping your child’s literacy skills.

Importance of rhymes

Your Child's Development is Boosted in Multitudes Through Rhymes

Rhymes help your kid to understand a story, concept, or theme in a coordinated way as there is a flow in the story to describe it simply. This in turn empowers their imagination and allows them to go beyond their usual thinking. Children love hearing them because of their repetitive words, tunes, and sound.

How to incorporate rhymes for literacy

1. You can sing rhymes while playing, walking in the park, or feeding your child. This helps your child listen keenly and it catches their attention too.

2. Reading a rhyming book or listening to a rhyme can help your child grasp a whole lot of new words.




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