Your Child's Gross Motor Skills are Making Him More Independent Now

At this stage, your child is gradually becoming independent, and shows interest in doing things on his own. This is because his gross motor skills have developed and he is slowly mastering his fine motor skills. Encourage all his efforts to do things on his own and demonstrate how they should be done.

He would want to choose his own outfit, eat on his own, walk without holding your hand, and the list goes on. Decide on what is allowed and what is not, explain them to your toddler, and stick to it. Do not confuse the child by allowing something at one time and forbidding it at other times.

Your Child's Gross Motor Skills are Making Him More Independent Now

When your child wants to attempt something unsafe

It is natural for your child to want to use a knife or switch on the stove. Firmly say no to these requests and tell your little one that he can do it when he is older. He may not understand your instructions and plead with you or get angry, but sometimes your child needs to understand that he just has to trust you and accept your word as final.

Holding your hand outdoors

Before you take your child out, tell him that he can walk on his own inside the house, but outside, he needs to hold your hand at all times. Teach him that there are different rules for the inside and different ones for the outside. When he follows your instructions, reward him with word of praise and a hug. Soon the habit will persevere.




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