Your Child's Immune System is Shaping up! But Be Cautious

Your child's immune system is dramatically shaping up and to ensure that it develops perfectly, you need to abide by a list of rules.The new age is prone to a lot of pollution and exposing toddlers to polluted places poses a risk to their developing immune system, especially their respiratory passages. Smoke is a common culprit affecting toddlers and especially if this comes from a cigarette, the effects can be disastrous.Your Child's Immune System is Shaping up! But Be Cautious

What you as a parent can do

• If any of your relatives or your partner smokes urge them to quit so that your child is not affected. Quitting smoking is the best gift that a parent can give it to their child.

• Make sure you make your home a no-smoke zone.

• In a crowded public place ensure your little one is not breathing toxic fumes.

• It is not advisable to smoke in a car with a child.

Keep in mind these important elements and your baby's immunity will speed up naturally in the best way possible.





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