Your child's Mind is Growing Incessantly

By now, not only does your child grow physically larger but body proportions also change and alongside, his mind also grows.

So how does the mind grow? Does it depend on crucial inputs from the environment? Or is it driven by its own innate information processing abilities? Have you not gazed at the casual play of a child and wondered if they are doing enough to stimulate intellectual growth? The young mind is astonishingly active and self-organizing, creating new knowledge from everyday experiences.

What you need to know 
Individuality flourishes during the early years. This is because the temperamental qualities that make each child unique become elaborated in the development of close attachments, the unfolding of emotional life, and the growth of self-regulation, self-awareness, and social understanding. The first attachments of a baby to its caregivers are as biologically basic as learning to crawl and walk. Throughout human evolution, close attachments have ensured species survival by keeping little ones protected and nurtured. 

Your child's Mind is Growing Incessantly

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