Your Child's Nature Should Determine Your Choice of a Certain Environment

Your Child's Nature Should Determine Your Choice of a Certain Environment

By now, your child has begun having his nature shaping up. Although, it is not fully developed, but the baby steps towards it are in full swing! This includes all aspects of his personality: His temper, behaviour, attachment patterns, and also how he reacts to a situation. In all cases, your goal is to create the apt environment to ensure your kid has proper growth and development.

Create an optimal environment
Once we understand the temperament of a particular child, then figuring out how best to create an environment for optimal growth and development is much easier and more productive. If the child’s nature or temperament is in harmony with their environment, then the child’s psychological growth and healthy development are poised to flourish.

Know your kid's temperament
It is this temperament that will direct the best ways to educate, discipline, nurture, and understand a child as an individual. You and other caregivers can also benefit from knowing a child’s temperament. A highly active child cannot be expected to flourish if they are expected to sit still without outlets for their energy. A child who is slow to warm up may require coaxing in order for them to engage with their peers or they may withdraw entirely.




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