Your Child's Perception of Reality is Changing

Your Child's Perception of Reality is Changing
Cognitive Development

This is the stage where your child's perception of reality is changing and you must back the flow because now is the time she needs to start understanding the demarcation between myth and reality. We live in a world of make-believe. Not only that, we thrive in it.

The sooner reality sets in, the better it is for her right growth and development.

Myths we tell uur kids
We tell our children about the existence of a jolly old elf that brings them presents, but only if they are good. We perpetuate the myth of the Easter Bunny who delivers chocolate eggs; of the coin-doling Tooth Fairy, and we hurl ourselves into the midst of goblins on Halloween, buying into ghost stories, telling them to our children, and encouraging them to dress up as vampires, witches, ghosts, and all those evildoers our imaginations can create.

What you need to know

While growing up listening to fiction stories is no problem, it is essential that your kid knows that fiction is simply fiction and nothing real. In this context, your child may have an imaginary friend too and it is absolutely normal. However, you express concern when you see your child bringing the imaginary friend out of the playroom. You are worried that your child is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality because they choose to act within the confines of a made-up world, where children might become confused has more to do with what they see and what they have learned up to that point in time. So it’s important to be careful about the myths we tell our kids.

Always remember, no matter how tricky reality is, it will always be better than believing myths.

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