Your Child's Physical Strength is Getting Better Now

Your Child's Physical Strength is Getting Better Now
Muscle Strength
Eye-Hand movement

Your little one has now crossed the dependent age and has entered that phase where he has to learn perform activities on his own. Don’t stop the child from exploring new actions and activities. You, as a parent need to focus on developing your child’s abilities.

What you need to know
Physical strength is very important, and once the pre-schooler has learnt to balance his body then you can try out more advanced things like pedalling a bicycle. Some people find it difficult to teach this to their children, but following some easy steps can simplify the task. The first step is to teach the kid how to move his knees up and down. Demonstrate this when the child is in a good mood and ready to learn. You can make it a fun activity by playing some happy music in the background.

Learning To pedal
Once the kid has learnt this motion you can now make him sit on his toy bicycle. This is the difficult part as you might have to guide him patiently to pedal. You can hold his legs and slowly move them in a pedalling motion with your hands. The child will understand this motion and would automatically follow it.