Your Child's Sensory Development is Happening at a Rapid Pace

At this stage, your kiddo's sensory development is taking place quickly. Sensory development encompasses the development of five senses in an individual, which are: Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Vision.

During this development stage, your child’s nervous system receives input from these five senses and then forms an appropriate behavioral response. This is known as sensory processing of your child. Besides organizing the input from the five basic senses, sensory processing also focuses on the sensation of movement.

Changes in sensory systems
Your baby explores and discovers the world through his senses. Babies are born with most of these senses nearly fully developed. But some subtle changes occur through the end of a child’s second year. A problem with just one sensory system can greatly affect your child’s overall health and development.

Your Child's Sensory Development is Happening at a Rapid Pace

For example, when a baby’s hearing is not optimal and remains uncorrected, their speech and language development, communication, and learning may be delayed. Hence, you need to always be vigilant about your child's proper sensory development.

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