Your Child's Sleep Requirements Are Now Changing

Your child is now enveloped with new skills and a stream of independence, and with this constant change, their sleeping requirements are also changing.

The consistent schedules developed at earlier ages will change somewhat, but the routines should carry over into this age range. Sticking with a consistent routine will ensure that your child and you get the sleep you need. That’s why it is important to learn all about the sleep pattern and nap pattern for your almost two-year-old so that a better sleep routine can be established.

Changing sleep requirements
By this age, you and your child will have developed some patterns that ensure you are both sleeping. Sleep requirements now will not have changed too much. Children will still require about 11-13 hours each day. The only difference in this age range is that most children would have given up the morning nap. Many children will still take an afternoon nap, but you may find that your kiddo can safely skip the afternoon nap too quite often.Your Child's Sleep Requirements Are Now Changing

What you need to do

Begin to experiment with schedules when the child gets their sleep and be aware that some kids will continue to insist on a day time nap. If your child is not getting enough sleep, it will become apparent in their behavior during waking hours. If behavior starts to deteriorate, your toddler probably needs a nap.




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