Your Child's Social And Emotional Development Is Happening Rapidly

At this stage, your child is a busy little person! She enjoys playing and loves experimenting by shaking, banging, throwing, and dropping things. Your child uses trial and error to work out what different things to do. She will build small towers of blocks, scribble with a pen or crayon, and put pegs in a basket. 

What you need to know:

Your child will begin to show empathy. For example, she might look sad or get upset when she sees someone else crying. Empathy is a crucial part of forming relationships with people as your child gets older. Your child’s babbling will mature during this time and she would start to include real words. But it’s not all words just yet; she will still communicate with you by grunting, nodding and pointing. Your child might stand up without needing help from you or the furniture in these months, and will probably start to walk on her own.

Your Child's Social And Emotional Development Is Happening Rapidly

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