Your Child's Super Activeness Will Now Reflect in Her Messy Eating

Your Child's Super Activeness Will Now Reflect in Her Messy Eating
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, it is quite natural for your little one to be all ultra-active and a lot of it reflects on her eating style, since she goes messy big time!

Messy eating is a part of childhood as children are still trying to fine tune their gross motor skills along with focussing on eating. Toddlers get impatient and this also leads to messy eating. This cannot be deemed a bad habit as your child is still growing. But you can always help yourself and your toddler by trying to avoid a mess. 

Avoiding messy eating

It is normal for your kid to throw food, put her hands into her bowl and refuse to place the spoons in her mouth. To overcome this, mealtime can be made a family time or if your child is seated near the parent, the adult can role model good ways of eating. A child supervised properly could reduce some mess (albeit minimally).

Food can be chopped into squares or cut into strips so that your child doesn’t tear them or throw them all down. When food is in small portions, the wastage is comparatively less.

Similarly mashed food is better if your child has trouble swallowing and if they end up squishing and smearing all over their face.

Don't get too alarmed with her messy eating because at the end of the day, it is still a part of your child's growth process.