Your Child's Tantrum Techniques are Getting More Intense Now

Your Child's Tantrum Techniques are Getting More Intense Now

At this stage, your child's ever-growing brain is leading to multiple elements, one of which is his intensified way of throwing tantrums. But there isn’t a doubt about the fact that this is a part of your child growing up and they need to be handled carefully.

So, you went to the mall and your child was all fine. But suddenly, they saw a dress and clung to it. You refused them and now they are flat on the floor sobbing endlessly. People are looking at you. You went to pick them up but now, they are spitting and hitting you, even trying to bite! Well, meltdowns of a child as young as 1-2 year old can be quite terrible and those tantrums can be nasty.  So, how do you deal with a tantrum?

Give them time and space

If you are at home, the first thing you can do is ignore the child. Of course, you don’t want to ignore the child when they are hungry or sleepy, but if they have a tantrum that can be ignored, it should be ignored. Pick your battles wisely. Once they are out of the tantrum, you can go back and talk to them.

Give your child some space. They sometimes need to lash out their anger and regain self-control. So, allow them. Otherwise, create a diversion, like a book for them or a treat if they are too obsessed about a dress. Children have a short attention span. Use it wisely.

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