Your Child's Thinking Prowess is Evolving For the Better

Your Child's Thinking Prowess is Evolving For the Better

Your child at this stage follows the philosophy of living in the moment. His world revolves around his own experiences and those experiences are dominated by physical sensations, such as a bubble or a soft blanket, with blurred distinctions between the child and the rest of the world.

Your child's thought process
By this time, your child’s thinking becomes more rooted in the reality that objects and people remain the same even when out of sight. This concept of object permanence, along with an expanding memory, makes the baby’s life a bit more predictable. But, they still often misinterpret reality. For instance, your child may still voice displeasure and is frightened when a toy unexpectedly rolls just a few inches toward him. The world is a mystical place, and babies have a fragile understanding of the difference between animate and inanimate objects.

But that's changing with each passing day and he's getting more close to having a better grip on reality.

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