Your Cutie Pie Is Now Capable Of Handing Over The Ball To Others

By this stage, your tiny tot is ready to learn to handover ball or some other toy to others. Bouncing and rolling ball grabs her attention easily. Initially she will begin to run after it and try to grab it. Slowly she will learn how to hold it, throw it and play with it. These are all part of motor development and learning.

What you can do
As a parent you can add-on to her learning and playing with the ball. Ask your baby to handover the ball to you, and when she does so, with a happy expression say 'Thank you!' This encourages your child to understand what she was being asked to do and how well she is able to do so, even for the next time. It also helps her in understanding the basic manners and social etiquette of thanking.
Also your baby is now able to recognize people around her like family members, friends, even pets. Involve others in the ball game too. Ask your child to handover the ball to someone specifically calling out their name or the relation they hold with the child. This helps your child in distinguishing between people and learn names and words like 'Papa', 'grandma', etc. Meanwhile help and correct your child in the process and also ask the other person to acknowledge by thanking or patting her back.
Slowly and eventually you can use balls to help your child learn and recognize different colors by asking her to hand over only a particular color ball from a group of different colored balls.

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Your Cutie Pie Is Now Capable Of Handing Over The Ball To Others




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