Your Cutiepie Will Now Answer Questions About A Familiar Topic

Your Cutiepie Will Now Answer Questions About A Familiar Topic

By now, your child speaks at least 50 words and will connect 2 words like 'my toy’, 'more milk' etc. He will also attempt to answer topics that are known to him. 

What you need to know

At this point, you can read his favourite books again and again. Try asking questions about the characters, or what will happen next in the story? Soon you will find him joining in when you read the book. You can talk to him on topics like the weather, playtime, playdates, shopping, books to read during bedtime etc. on a regular basis. Keep the conversation interactive and the more you involve him, he will learn.

Your child absorbs and learns a lot from the environment. For instance, during meal times, family members can talk about their day. You can start this as a family tradition. Encourage your child to also say few words about his day by asking simple questions like, "Where did Kevin go to play today?" He may say, “to park”. Help him to learn and use language freely. Engage him in simple question and answer sessions while doing day to day activities. Above all, keep it fun and interactive.

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