Your Cutipie Is Likely To Build A Tower Of 4-6 Blocks

As your baby advances towards the second year of life after crossing the mark of 1 year 5 months, the development milestones become more crucial. At this stage, he is going to learn so many skills and movements that might actually surprise you. In these years, your toddler is going to be experimenting with a number of movements and activities. Included among these are construction activities. It is no surprise that your little baby will try to be his own architect and display movements that indicate building.Your Cutipie Is Likely To Build A Tower Of 4-6 Blocks

What you need to know

It is best to let your baby undergo a natural development phase. Try to encourage your baby to stay active and take part in as many different activities as he likes. If he indicates signs of building, allow him to play with building blocks under supervision.

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