Your Kid Developing Early Form Of Scribbling

Your Kid Developing Early Form Of Scribbling
Fine Motor
Fine motor

This is the age when your kid's ability to use his hands and fine motor skills has improved steadily. Your kid is able to use his hands and fingers to pick a certain objects and hold the same in his hands. During the time your munchkin will be holding crayons or colors pencils and scribbling anything that comes to his mind onto the walls or the floor.

What you need to know

The time since your child is born he is mostly been with you and the family members so his world revolves around you, his toys, his favorite cartoon or at times some friends with whom he enjoys a play time in a playground or a park. Now that he is free to use his hands and can roam anywhere what he likes most he prefers to capture it in his art. He will scribble even his dog cat or you for that matter.

What you need to do

Since you are his world, take out time to teach him all what he wants to learn. Make learning a fun experience by joining him in his newly learned passion. Focus on learning and not teaching. You must also scribble or paint when he is doing his Part and take him to places where he can associate himself like gardens parks or certain stories he heard or watched on the television. The visual effects have greater impact on your kiddos imagination. Read him books and stories and always praise his art as he always looks for your consent encouragement and approval in almost everything. Give him ample sheets colors pens and thick crayons so that he may hold them properly.

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